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plan A+ aims to foster meaningful connections amongst a growing global socio-ecological community, while highlighting locally driven decentralised programmes. 

What plan A+ likes to do for partners:

  • Free & reduced knowledge transfer: Annual panel discussion, monthly talk or workshop

  • Custom-made organisation of workshops & talks: Communication with our network in order to host special workshops or talks 

  • Be the first to know about special programmes, workshops, activities and special benefits

What we or partners can do with your contribution:

  • We are a non-profit organisation investing 100% in our purposes and actions: We want to grow with members only and foster socio-ecological ideas and their application. The more people come on board, the more people talk about their challenges in leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, and the more ideas and solutions will physically shape reality.

  • Your contribution sustains our NGO plan A+ Klima & Kultur e. V. and our entirely public programme.

  • plan A+ is a non-profit organisation with altruistic activities that do not involve making profit. That's why all our income, including membership fees and donations, go directly back into our purposes and our audience, which we want to connect and support.

  • As a company you can make these contributions tax deductible.

If you would like to support our vision and programme as a company, foundation or institution:

Please write to 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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