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__ How to support plan A+


Being a member or partner is a matter of honour, for you and for us!

As a member, the events, workshops and talks offer you almost innumerable opportunities to exchange ideas, knowledge, contacts, goods, services and simply a fun time with other creatives, experts and Berliners or visitors of Berlin to get to know each other, to establish contacts, friendships, cooperations and to talk about problems and solutions for our future – here at Terrassenhaus Lobe Block Berlin.

Your opinions and suggestions are always welcome at the plan A+, because we want you to be an active part of our programme!

Asa voice for a positive future, socio-ecological design and architecture, social art, local and fair foods and goods and a healthy consumption for everyone, plan A+ stands up for your interests in public.

You can get involved with plan A+ as a designer, architect, artist, curator, director, photographer, film maker, entrepreneurial advisor, scientific expert, scholar, future-curious neighbour or as a young talent.

Participation in many plan A+ events is free or reduced for plan A+ members. You will be treated preferentially.

As a member, we also offer you a range of services, including the free publication of your professional profile on the plan A+ website and in 2022 - 2023 also a private membership profile.

How do I become a plan A+ member, partner or donor?


We distinguish between three types of support:



_ Member

a. As a natural person, who is a young talent, student, retired or in any other low- earning position.

b. As a professional person or small business from Berlin, Germany or Europe. Your work should distinguish yourself through values we deem crucial for our future.


You are committed to at least two of these features? 


Socio-ecological, Renewable, Biodegradable, Circular, Fair Wages, High Quality, Longevity, Zero-Waste, Recycling, Upcycling, Energy & Water-Efficient, Secondhand, Local, Regional,

Small-Scale, Independent, Direct-to-Consumer, Artisanal, Unique, Holistic​.

Your background is from one of these areas?

Design, Architecture, Art, Food, Science, Literature, Music, Film, Small to medium-sized enterprise. 

_ Partner

Supporting members are companies that are looking for an exchange with our pool of creatives and want to financially support and help shape the activities of plan A+.

_ Donation

This is a one off or regular donation payment which you can deduct from your taxes.

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