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_ The Forum

is a series of conversations about socio-ecological challenges and solutions hosted bi-monthly by the architect Michael Heim at Lobe Block Berlin.

Notable guests are invited to exchange and to develop ideas of a sustainable, inclusive, intellectually and emotionally engaging future:

How do we collectively translate ideas and other forms of existence into the real world?

The goal is to provide food for thought, positive perspectives and inspiration for more independent self-action. 

The Forum will bring together global minds from different creative disciplines to renowned academia:

Architects, designers, artists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, authors, philosophers, urban planners, transformation researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, actors, artisans and many more.


We welcome neighbours, families and every one who is interested in

pro-actively shaping the future:


  • ​If you would like to become a speaker and participate at plan A+ by sharing your knowledge and experiences with future-curious people in our bi-monthly talk series – then email to​

  • If you would like to support our mission or join The Forum conversations:


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