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__ Creative Culture is our Driving Force

We know that creative professionals and small circular economies, working on sustainable solutions since many years, are now in a unique position to lead the conversation about climate change and to turn it into action. 

With plan A+ we want to bring together a variety of creatives, thinkers and makers to share future-proof ideas, concepts, works, services, products, manufacturing processes, and their visions for the future – inside our plan A+ network and with our local neighbourhood, Berlin visitors and the general public. Our aim is to mobilise everyone to participate in future-proof ways of living.

There is a new economy underway – driven by small businesses, woke citizens and consumers –  who believe the way to preserve and strengthen the beauty, biodiversity and just plain livability of this planet is to run our businesses and lead our lives with consciousness. This new economy will be led by those who buy less, but buy better. Who know that they can live and operate in a way that is not just about "doing less bad" to the planet, but actually regenerating its resources and communities.

Are you an architect, designer, artist, scientist, researcher, writer, artisan, chef, farmer, entrepreneur with future optimistic ideas? Or have you already developed a social-ecological product, service or non-material experience that you would like to share through plan A+ > then let’s connect now!

Our circle of interest draws around Berlin, Germany and Europe. 

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